ETIAS Renewal


Once a US citizen who intends to visit Europe applies and successfully receives the EU ETIAS visa, the granted travel authorization is considered valid for three consecutive years. During the validity period, holders of a valid travel authorization may lodge an application for a new travel authorization as from 91 days before the expiry date of the valid one. 91 days before the expiry of the ETIAS visa, the system will automatically inform the ETIAS applicant via the email service about the expiry date and the possibility to lodge an application for the renewal.

The decision process regarding the grant of an ETIAS renewal will be the same as a new application. US citizens renewing the travel authorization could have, during the three years period, being insert in some security agencies databases used to cross-check personal and travel details. This would re-define the status of the applicants as eligible individuals allowed to travel to Europe.

The process to issue the ETIAS authorization renewal to the American Citizens It is estimated to be successful in more than 90% of the cases, Most of the times, If an application is rejected, the decision will not be based only on the automatic processing.

ETIAS VISA application renewal

If a match on ETIAS databases is detected the application will be evaluated manually, and additional information will be required to the applicant. In the unfortunate case of denial, every American national has the right to appeal. Only if the application is lacking requested information or the applicant is invited to an interview, the application period could extend for a maximum of 96 hours.

The website and the mobile application developed by EU-Lisa will be available and free of charge to everyone (excluding the mandatory application fee). All the languages of the Member States of ETIAS Travel Authorization System will be supported on both website and mobile application. This would simplify the application process for English and Spanish speakers. Most of the renewals should be processed and eventually approved in a few minutes. If a renewal is granted, the European Travel Authorization (ETIAS) will extend the validity for another period of three years.


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